Lone Kent is an American musician (principally a guitar player) and singer who now lives in the south of France. He has 3 CDs under his own name and one with Loud Cloud. The music is based on his compositions.
He studied for 4 years at Berklee College of Music and went on to form his own bands. He did a stint playing in a ‘Fern Bar” for 18 months in San Francisco in the 80s. He then moved to France and hooked up with the Contemporary Music Scene in Paris. He was a section leader in Rhys Chatham’s 100 Guitar Project with whom he toured worldwide.
He performed with dance companies with Kasper Toeplitz, but most of his work was with composer Hector Zazou. He appears on many of his CDs and toured throughout Europe. He has participated as a sideman in a variety of styles and projects throughout his career and can be heard on various CDs .
He has his own Multi-Guitar band in Toulouse called GuitarKestra.
He has travelled throughout France to perform this music in workshops and recently has gone to Wuhan in China to organize a Multi-Guitar project. He has written music for a series of documentaries by film maker Marc Khanne. He now concentrates on production and arranging for various projects and singers. He also teaches music at Music’Halle in Toulouse.
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