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At the core of our Musical Research & Advice service lies a deep reverence for the art of sound and its seamless integration with visual narratives. We believe that genuine harmony emerges from meaningful dialogue. Fusing cutting-edge technology with our profound musical acumen, our experienced music directors serve not only as consultants but as collaborative partners in your artistic journey. Within the realm of Original Scores, Art Melodies stands as a bastion of creative innovation. Our expertise transcends mere synchronization, extending to the creation of tailor-made compositions for documentaries, cinema, and television. Working hand-in-hand with a diverse array of composers, we craft soundscapes that evoke emotions and elevate storytelling. Driven by our passion for musical storytelling, Art Melodies offers more than just guidance; we provide an immersive artistic experience. We assist directors and producers in navigating the complexities of musical supervision, ensuring that every note resonates authentically with the essence of your project. Join us in embracing the artistry of sound, where each project is not merely a production but a symphony of creativity waiting to be orchestrated.

Playlists :

International Youth Day
National Friendship Day
Euro 2024
Paris 2024 Olympic Games

Last releases :

Walking Red
Gangs of London
Perception Disorder